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Herman J. Woltring
04-14-1992, 12:49 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

In addition to the standard ASCII file storage and retrieval facilities
under EARN/BITNET' LISTSERVer s/w by sending commands

SEND file_name file_type [list_name]
GIVE file_name file_type [list_name] TO user_id@node_id

on EARN/BITNET or from anywhere with an email note), there is now an experi-
mental FTP facility for those who have access to FTP on the Internet.

FTP, for File Transfer Protocol, is the standard facility for remote file
storage and retrieval on the Internet. For information on how to obtain
index information for many FTP servers world-wide, just send an empty email
note with the word HELP in the Subject: line to ARCHIE@ARCHIE.FUNET.FI in
America (there are similar servers elsewhere). BITNET users interested in
retrieving FTP data can do so via a gateway server BITFTP@PUCC.BITNET.
[ Send an empty email note with HELP in the subject line to this address for
further details, and an interactive command "How are you?" to obtain status
information. ]

On KUNPU7.PSYCH.KUN.NL (IP, subdirectory /pub/biomch-l, various
items will be made available in parallel to or complementary to those that are
on the Biomch-L fileserver at HEARN.BITNET. In particular, binary files (e.g.,
executables, compressed text files, formatted Word Perfect and MS-Word files)
will be made available in this way. UUENCODEd (UNIX, MS-DOS) and BINHEXed
(Macintosh) ASCII versions of such files will also be made available. KUNPU7
is an Ultrix machine.

Other relevant FTP subdirectories at present are /pub/isb for items pertaining
to the International Society of Biomechanics, and /pub/camarc for items per-
taining to the European Communities' CAMARC project (for Computer Aided Move-
ment Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context).

We hope that this additional facility will enhance efficient distribution of
non-proprietary software, databases, reports, draft documents, etc. In parti-
cular, the availability of binary files will be useful for those among the
readership who must resort to slow KERMIT connections at 300 - 2400 Bd for up-
and downloading of data between a PC and some remote EARN/BITNET/Internet site.

Those among the readership who wish to make data available in this manner are
welcome to get in touch with the Biomch-L moderators, and to post an announce-
ment onto the list once their data have been stored on the Biomch-L and FTP

With kind regards --

Krystyna Gielo-Perczak, Warsaw/PL
Ton van den Bogert, Calgary/CND
Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

Biomch-L moderators