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unknown user
02-17-1998, 02:09 AM
Dear Readers,
Im a Master Student in PE who is interested in hitting/throwing
mechanics etc. I hope someone can help me with the following question,
or can put me onto someone who can.

When a golfer hits a stationary golf ball they do not take a step.

When a baseball player hits a moving baseball they do take a step.
Surely by taking a step and moving the hitters centre of gravity and the
eyes position the baseball player must make it harder to hit the ball,
compared to if the player did not take a step.

What would the consequences be to the baseball player if they took no
step? Obviously a decrease in bat velocity, but wouldnt that be
countered by more bat contacts.

So my question is, what are the functions of the step when using a wide
stance (increase velocity, timing?) and would the performance
consequences be detrimental if no step was taken?

Thank you
Stephen Woodruffe