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Debby Givens Heiss
02-18-1998, 03:17 AM

Two 12-month positions at the Assistant Professor or higher level are
available July 1, 1998 for individuals with a background in either exercise

physiology or pediatric physical therapy, a strong commitment to research,
and an interest in contributing to our transition to an entry level
master's program. Responsibilities include undergraduate and graduate
teaching, student advising, scholarship, and service. Required
qualifications include doctoral degree and physical therapy licensure in
Ohio. Prefer evidence of grantsmanship and publications as well as previous

academic teaching. Opportunities and resources are available to support
scholarly activities.

To be considered for either position, please submit a letter of interest
and curriculum vitae to:

Deborah S. Nichols, Ph.D., PT
Associate Professor and Director, Physical Therapy Division
School of Allied Medical Professions
1583 Perry Street
Columbus, OH 43210