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02-18-1998, 10:07 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following announcement details our entry into a field in whic the
biomechanics of the feet are very important. We seek your help in advancing
our own technologies. Please see note at end of News Release:


For Immediate Release Contact: Joseph Meshi
9 February 1998 Executive Vice President

Genovation Enters Footwear Business

Irvine, CA - High-tech innovator Genovation Incorporated has announced the
formation of a new division - Electronics for the Feet(tm) - to address the
emerging needs of the footwear industry. "We perceive the footwear industry
to be in the early stages of a monumental transformation from a
"mass-production" to a "mass-customization" concept" says Joseph Meshi,
Genovation's Executive Vice President. "We believe that Genovation is
uniquely qualified to serve large segments of the evolving market," he

Genovation envisions the footwear customer of the not-so-distant future to
be able to order from any source, including retail shoe outlets, the
Internet or television shopping channels, and be assured of a perfect fit.
Under this scenario, the consumer's feet will be accurately pre-measured at
a shoe store, a health-care provider, or at many other readily accessible
locations. These measurements will be recorded with Genovation's automated,
computer-based scanners. The image and measurement data of the feet will be
analyzed, processed and managed by Genovation. The resulting design will be
conveyed to footwear industry suppliers over the Internet, upon a purchase
request by their customer. "Production of perfectly fitting footwear could
begin within hours of an order, with subsequent delivery within days," says
Leonard Genest, Genovation's President. "We believe that with proper
automation, the consumer's cost of a custom-fitted product can be
comparable to the mass-produced footwear products of today".

Genest is not a stranger to innovation, having been awarded more than 75
patents for inventions ranging from medical devices to computer security.
"We believe that our expertise in computer input, imaging and
communications will serve the footwear industry well," says Genest. "We
plan to share our capabilities and participate with interested industry
members, provide the instrumentation necessary for the realization of the
mass-customization concept, and act as a facilitator and innovator".

Genovation's staff is well rooted in the footwear industry. The
family-owned company of Genovation's Operations Vice President Max
Rahimzadeh was a shoe manufacturing and retail business that spanned Iran
to Singapore. Board member Michael E. Dickerson's family produced custom
"Dr. Locke" and standard shoes in Columbus, Ohio, and Medical Director
Craig Lowe D.P.M., founded and managed two orthotics laboratories.

The company plans to introduce its first Electronics for the Feet product
this spring.

Genovation is a profitable, self-funded private company whose principal
business since its formation in 1989 has been the development, production
and marketing of specialized computer input devices. The company is best
known as the world's leading supplier of numeric keypads for notebook

e-mail: mail@genovation.com Web: http:\\www.genovation.com


We have already developed a number of new technologies in the pressure
plate area. At present we are working on artificial intelligence software
to convert pressure reading to footwear manufacturing instructions.

I will appreciate any input that anyone may have regarding this field.


Joseph Meshi