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Dan Levine
02-23-1998, 04:29 AM
Greetings to the Biomechanics Community

For those of you who may not have heard of it, NAFEMS (The National
Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards) based in Scotland,
promotes best practices in the use of FEA, regardless of application.

NAFEMS will hold its next World Congress in Newport, Rhode Island, USA
on April 25-28, 1999.

I am helping to organize the Bioengineering session(s) and invite you to
submit an abstract. If you are interested, please submit a typed
300-600 word abstract complete with your affiliation, address, etc. TO
ME by the end of March, 1998. Any application of FEA in the
bioengineering realm is acceptable.

For further information about the conference and about NAFEMS, please
check out their web site at:


Detailed information regarding abstract requirements, including an
abstract template can be found at the web site.

Thank you,

Dan Levine

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