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02-25-1998, 07:32 PM
(Apologies if this appears twice; apparently I used a wrong adress
the first time.)

Dear everyone,

I need a piece of software that can be used for configuring
a MotionStar/FlockOfBirds system and logging sensor data
to a disk file or memory. It must be operatable under Windows95.

Ascencion tells me they "are having a Windows compatible driver
being written" for them, but no release date is given. Two other
companies offer MS/FOB drivers in the form of C/C++ libraries
and/or DLLs; these products/suppliers are listed at the bottom
of this message.

While both these products seem to be very good and comprehensive,
they typically require a bit of "custom coding" (a DLL in itself
isn't any good:-). The cost is another factor that leads me to
ask the biomch-l community:

Does anyone have a "home made" program that runs under Win95 and
forms a graphical or command-line interface to a MotionStar/FlockOfBirds
system connected to a PC via an RS232 interface? Are you willing to
give away or sell a copy of this software for use in non-commercial

Thank you all in advance - I'll post a summary of the responses.

Oyvind Stavdahl (M.Sc., Ph.D. student)
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
NTNU, The Norwegian University of
Science and Technology Direct line: +47 73 59 43 77
O. Bragstads plass 8 Switchboard: +47 73 59 43 76
N-7034 TRONDHEIM Fax: +47 73 59 43 99
NORWAY Email: Oyvind.Stavdahl@itk.ntnu.no

********* Commercial drivers available: ***********

1. Product: "MetaTrack" Device Drivers for 3D Trackers

WinPipe Systems Inc
23 Prince Street
Newton MA 02165
TEL: (617) 965-4595
FAX: (617) 332-3062
email: jlevin@winpipe.com
MARKETING and SALES: contact Julius Levin
Offers a free 7-days demo lisence!

2. Product: "XVS-Link (TM)" (The software formerly known as SyncLink)
A Standard Device Interface for Virtual Environments and Applications

Xtensory Inc
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Tel 408/439-0600
Fax 408/439-8845
Contact: Paul S. Cutt.