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Goodin, Bill
02-27-1998, 04:00 AM
> On May 18-21, 1998, UCLA Extension will present the short course,
> "Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS): Technology, Design, and
> Applications", on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.
> The instructors are Abraham Lee, PhD, Lawrence Livermore National
> Laboratory (LLNL); Rolfe C. Anderson, PhD, Affymetrix; Prof. Jack
> Judy,
Electrical Engineering, UCLA; Prof. Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim, Mechanical
> and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA; Peter Krulevitch, PhD, LLNL; and
> William C. Tang, PhD, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
> For many years, microelectromechanical silicon sensors have made
> steady progress in the commercial market, with medical sensor sales in
> the millions, and automotive sensor sales in the tens of millions of
> parts
> per year. With the maturity of the sensor technologies, and the
> recent
> development of several new fabrication methods, MEMS research has
> enjoyed explosive growth. This expansion is evident in the
> introduction
> of several new journals dedicated to MEMS, more than a dozen regular
> MEMS conferences worldwide, and a dramatic increase in government
> and industrial funding for MEMS research in the U.S., Japan, and
> Europe.
> This course offers the fundamentals of MEMS fabrication technology,
> sensor and actuator component design, physical limits to sensor and
> actuator performance, and system integration issues. The discussion
> of MEMS fabrication technology covers bulk and surface
> micromachining of silicon (as well as several other "unconventional"
> methods), with particular emphasis on two commercially available
> processes. The design of MEMS is presented via case study of
> several existing sensors, and advantages and disadvantages of MEMS
> are explored by examining the fundamental physical limits of these
> devices. System integration and commercialization issues such as
> manufacturability, packaging, and interfacing MEMS are illustrated by
> case study of existing products.
> The course also covers:
> o Material property and process test structures
> o Surface micromachining cells: comb drives, flexures
> o Introduction to the design rules
> o Process of commercially available multi-project chip
> o Design of MEMS
> The course fee is $1495, which includes extensive course materials.
> These materials are for participants only, and are not for sale.
> For additional information and a complete course description, please
> contact Marcus Hennessy at:
> (310) 825-1047
> (310) 206-2815 fax
> mhenness@unex.ucla.edu
> http://www.unex.ucla.edu/shortcourses
> This course may also be presented on-site at company locations.