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Doug Mcclymont
03-02-1998, 06:52 AM
Hi everybody,

I've spent the last few years idly trying to find a collection of
sports images suitable for the illustration of undergraduate
biomechanics handouts and other physical education activities and as
yet have found nothing completely suitable.

Last year I though I'd hit paydirt with a production called "Image
Pak" which proudly promoted itself as having 65,000 images in every
possible area. It does too but a very large portion of the sporting
images are either innocuous or mechanically incorrect. The hurdler
for instance has the same arm and leg forward and the pole vault
take-off looks like a 1960's US athlete!

Any pointers on where I might find a specialist package would be

Any offers

Doug McClymont
(senior lecturer in Physical Education)
Christchurch College of Education
P.O.Box 31-065
New Zealand