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03-02-1998, 09:14 AM
Below are the responses that I recieved to the following request that
I made for information about using a DT2821 board with Labview. Thanks
for all who replied.

> If anyone has had success using the Data Translation DT2821 acquisition
> board with Labview to collect data I would be interested in hearing from
> you. I have limited funds and already have a DT2821 board, so I prefer
> not to have to invest in another AD board. However, I understand that
> getting anything but a National Instrument's board to work with Labview
> is not trivial.

>From Dirk Twisk

Have you had a look at National Instruments website. It contains drivers for a wide selection of AD
boards. I have managed to get Labview working with the Microstar boards without any major
problems. You'll need a good understanding of the way your board works though, i.e first get it
working properly with the software supplied with the system (assuming that you have it), then
implement the same thing in Labview. In our case we tested the scripts used to drive the
Microstar boards first in the companies own software, and then embedded that software in

Does this help at all?

Dirk Twisk

>From Don Anderson:

In a previous lab in which I worked, we ended up trading up from our
DT board to a NI board, which ended up giving us a better data
acquisition board for a decent price and increased functionality with
LabView. National Instruments did have a trade-in policy that you
might look into.

Best of luck,
Donald D. Anderson, Ph.D.
Director, Biomechanics Laboratory (612) 672-4747 tel
Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center (612) 672-4748 fax
701 25th Ave. S. - Suite LL2 e-mail:
Minneapolis, MN 55454

>From Jeffrey P. Rouleau, Ph.D.

My group here at Wright Medical Technology had two Data Translation
boards which we traded in to National Instruments for new boards.
This trade-in program will get you full LabView functionality without
the headaches and won't cost as much as purchasing the new DAQ boards

Jeffrey P. Rouleau, Ph.D.
Manager of Mechanical Testing & Analysis
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

>From Vassilios Vardaxis

Data translation has a Labview driver called DT-LV that link its cards to
Labview. I think it costs about 200.00$.
I am planning to by it myself when I have the funds, since I am in the same boat.
If you decide to buy it let me know if it works, or if you find some other
Best of luck.

fn: Vassilios Vardaxis
n: Vardaxis;Vassilios
org: Department of Kinesiology
adr: Indiana University;;HPER Building 112 (174);Bloomington;IN;47405-4801;U.S.A.
email;internet: vardaxis@indiana.edu
title: Assistant Professor

>From Robert U. Newton

We use the Data Translation boards throughout our lab. I find them great
boards, detailed documentation and fantastic support. I actually use
Visual Basic and the VB-EZ library to configure and read the board. This
is a very flexible solution and allows full programmatic access to all the
boards' functions. I do not have experience with LabView, but if Labview
can access Windows DLL functions, then it should be able to access any Data
Translation card through the VB-EZ library. Alternatively, you could write
the data collection code in VB and just pass the arrays of data to LabView.
I hope this helps.


Robert U. Newton
Director of Postgraduate Studies and Research
School of Exercise Science and Sport Management
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
Lismore NSW 2480 Australia

>From Malcolm Boshier

Have a look at: http://www.datx.com/dacqsoft/dtlvlink.html
This DT software should do exactly what you want.