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Wang Chengzhi
03-05-1998, 06:19 PM
Here is some thought in my mind.
In spite of varied kinds of sports which he is practicing, everyone must
move on this speed at the most time of his life.
1.Which kind of sport increase walking efficiency at most?
2.In what age someone get his best walking efficiency?
3.What is relation between walking efficiency and weight?
4.In what speed someone get his best efficiency?
5.Which kind of sport maintain the best walking efficiency at the longest
time of his life?
6.What is relation between health and walking efficiency?
7.Is there anything wrong with our modern sports?(We have seen much news
about athletes taking exhilarant. We have heard much news about injury and
ill of athletes )
I have two old kung fu teachers who are masters of fighting and health at
the age of 70 or so.(They can easily win several younger and stronger men
at the same time during fighting.)
The questions which I list above are the points on which I will start to
study this kind of ancient Chinese sport scientifically.
In order to slower the increasing entropy of our life, Is it right that we
increase efficiency first by some kinds of sports?
Will a complex moving system with efficiency principle in gravity turn
into chaos and nonlinear?
Tai chi and Ba Gua ( Chinese kung fu)are kinds of continuous nonlinear
centrifugal force sports in human's body.
It is said that scientist can not define the difference between
centrifugal force field and universal gravitation!
Wang Chengzhi
Mar. 6th, 1998