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Peter Cavanagh
03-07-1998, 02:03 PM
edited by:
P Allard, A Cappozzo, A Lundberg, C Vaughan
1997, John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, England

The above book has recently been published as the second volume in
the ISB series. It consists of 19 chapters by leaders in the field
of biomechanics and encompasses a broad range of topics, including
history, neuromechanical concepts, energetic aspects, robotics
technology, neural network models, computer simulation, able-bodied
and pathological gait, and locomotion in space. The book obviously
represents the state-of-the-art in this important area and will be of
interest to BIOMCH-L readers.

The publishers John Wiley have agreed to make the volume available to
paid-up ISB members at a substantial discount of 25% off the regular
bookstore price of 65 Pounds Sterling. This means that the price will
be 48.75 Pounds Sterling and for single orders there is a postage and
packaging charge of 2.00 (or 5.00 pounds airmail). The book can be
ordered by ISB members at this discounted rate only from John Wiley
directly. The contact person is Ms. Alexa Dugan:

adugan@wiley.co.uk or fax: + 44 1243 770460

A. Dugan
Life and Medical Sciences
John Wiley and Sons
Baffins Lane, Chichester
West Sussex PO19 IUD
United Kingdom

Payment can be via credit card (Visa, Amex, Mastercard) or cheques
made payable to John Wiley & Sons Ltd. When ordering from Alexa, ISB
members must quote their ISB membership number and she will confirm
with Graeme Wood that the purchaser is a paid-up (financial) member
before shipping the book.

The above information can be found on the ISB Website:

To all you ISB members out there (and those biomechanists thinking
of becoming members!), this is one more reason for belonging to the
International Society of Biomechanics.

Peter R. Cavanagh
Past President and Publications Officer
International Society of Biomechanics

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