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Herman J. Woltring
04-22-1992, 06:01 AM
Article 129 in sci.engr.biomed:
From: brumbley@uoneuro.uoregon.edu (David Brumbley)
Subject: multi-axis force transducers
Summary: looking for sources for multi-axis force transducers
Keywords: force, multi-axis, strain, gage
Date: 20 Apr 92 19:15:32 GMT
Sender: news@nntp.uoregon.edu
Organization: Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon

I am looking for sources for inexpensive multi-axis force transducers.
These will be used to measure force in X, Y, and Z applied to a platform
by human subjects standing on or stepping on (or off) the platform.
Sometimes the platform will be perturbed by hydraulic cylinders. This
is part of research apparatus I am designing to study aspects of neuro-
muscular control in balance and nervous system development.

I have found three sources for commercial multi-axis transducers, Kistler
Instrument Corp, Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc, and Key Transducers
Inc. However, my hope is to find additional sources that are less
expensive than the $2000-$4000 per transducer cost offered by these
vendors. I may need eight of these transducers.

Alternatively, I am interested in designs for multi-axis force transducers
that I can fabricate myself, perhaps with some help from my machine shop.

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