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Jos Vander Sloten
03-08-1998, 10:57 PM
ESEM, the European Society for Engineering and Medicine, is organising a
workshop in Brussels, on April 27 and 28, entitled 'Biomedical research and
industrial participation in Europe : trends and future'. The aim is to
provide a forum for scientists and representatives from industry regarding
EC funded research projects in the area of medical technology.
Presentations are held by EC officers and by projects leaders from the
BIOMED programme of the EC.

The workshop is organised in the Université Catholique de Louvain,
Cliniques St Luc, Woluwe St. Lambert (Brussels). It starts on Monday April
27 at 8.30 am and lasts until Tuesday April 28 at 5 pm. Registration fee
is 100 ECU for non-members of ESEM, it is free of charge for ESEM members.
Information can be obtained at the following address :
Jos Vander Sloten, Secretary-General ESEM
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 200A
3001 Heverlee (Belgium)
tel. +32 16 327099, fax +32 16 327994, Email


April 27th, 1998

Morning session: 8:30 - 13.00
General issues related to the management of European biomedical research
Welcome : Prof. J. Melin, chairman of the workshop
Introduction : Prof. P. Rabischong, President of ESEM

Industrial and SME participation: Robert-Jan H.M. Smits, Head of Unit
co-ordination MSE, DG XII.
Patents, intellectual rights and properties: Mr. Juan Carlos Cañoto
Argüelles, Central Contracts Unit, DG XII.
(to be confirmed)
Certification of medical devices: Mr. Robert Virefléau, Unit Medical
Devices DG III.
Exploitation of results: Alfredo Aguilar, Head of Demonstration Unit, DG XII.

Afternoon session: 14:30 - 18.00
Case studies of the past : positive and negative aspects
Introduction: Jan Beneken, Past President of ESEM and COMAC-BME

Presentation by three project leaders of concerted actions and share cost
research projects in BIOMED 1 and 2.
Prof. Anthony Turner, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Prof. Georges Van der Perre, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Prof. R. Rüegsegger, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Zürich, Switerzland
Dr. A. El Haj, Keele University, United Kingdom

This session will be followed by a cocktail


April 28th, 1998
Presentation of shared cost research projects and demonstration projects of

Morning session: 8.30 - 13.00

8.30 - 9.30: Functional imaging of the brain
Improved monitoring for brain dysfunction in intensive care and surgery, N.
Development and validation of techniques for brain morphometry, A. Colchester

9.30 - 10.15: Minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy I
A multifunctional minirobot system for endoscopy, P. Dario
Endoscopic access to the feto-placental unit: from experimental to clinical
applications, J. Deprest

10.15 - 10.45: Coffee break

10.45 - 11.30: Minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy II
Development, integration and evaluation of a compact robot for image-guided
orthopaedic surgery (CRIGOS), G. Rau
Microscanning endoscope with diagnositc and enhanced resolution attributes,
N. Theofanous

11.30 - 13.00: Vascular prostheses
Highly performing small-diameter polyurethane vascular grafts, P. de Blasio
Prevention of small diameter prosthetic vascular graft failure by ex vivo
gene therapy with infected fibroblasts and/or biologically active peptides,
M. Scoccianti

Afternoon session: 14:30 - 17.00

14.30 - 15.30: Cellular engineering: muscular fibers and muscles
Adenovirus-mediated muscle fibres engineering to overcome
diabetes-associated deficient glucose disposal, A.M. Gomez-Foix
Rebuilding muscle from cultured satellite cells: novel approaches to
improve myoblast transplant, C. Ponzetto

15.30 - 16.00: Coffee break

16.00 - 17.00: Bone and joint implants, rehabilitation technology
Smart total implant for the monitoring of loosening, F. Burny

Division of Biomechanics and Engineering Design
Celestijnenlaan 200A
B-3001 Heverlee (Belgium)
tel. +32 16 327099
fax. +32 16 327994
Email jos.vandersloten@mech.kuleuven.ac.be