View Full Version : poroelastic/biphasic Finite Element users?

unknown user
03-09-1998, 02:09 AM
Hello all,

I will keep this brief, as it has a rather narrow audience.
If there is anyone out there using commercial FE software,
specifically ABAQUS, for analyzing soft tissue (e.g. cartilage)
deformation, I would like to get in contact with you to
discuss experiences, difficulties etc.

I have used another package, DIANA, to analyze 2D problems
involving poroelastic materials, and had no problems with
model convergence etc. Recently I switched to ABAQUS, and
have no problems getting 2D and 3D poroelastic models to
work, but run into problems when I start using material
properties more appropriate for cartilage. For example,
pore pressure values fluctuate in areas with steep gradients
despite mesh refinement (and satisfying the time-interval limits
imposed by the solution technique of the solver). I took
a step back from models with complex geometry and just
tried to reproduce simple models, like Spilker's confined
compression axisymmetric model, which was reproduced
by Prendergast et al. to compare several commercial codes.
I cannot obtain the proper solution for the mesh that
corresponds to these other studies, so now I don't really
know where I am going wrong.

I am limited in my sources of information and discussion,
as I am the only one in our lab working on such problems.
I would appreciate any contacts that I can receive.