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Herman J. Woltring
04-23-1992, 03:32 AM
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 10:17:49 EDT
From: Noel Boaz
Subject: Bioanthropology Summer Institute
To: humbio-l@FAUVAX.BITNET

Following a suggestion made by Jack Kelso on the HUMBIO
discussion list, a "State of the Science" Bioanthropological
Summer Institute is being planned for June 7-12, 1993, to be
held at the International Institute for Human Evolutionary
Research on the George Washington University Virginia Campus
outside Washington, DC near Dulles International Airport. Jack
Kelso (KELSO_J@CUBLDR.EDU; University of Colorado) and Noel Boaz
(BOAZ@GWU.BITNET; IIHER) are serving as co-organizers, and are
anxious to have suggestions for session leaders as well as
indications of individuals' interest in attending. The goal of
the conference is to provide an update on developments in the
various subdisciplines of biological anthropology for
professional biological anthropologists and other interested
scientists. The tentative list of topics to be covered is taken
from Wienkers's and Bennett's 1992 paper "Trends and
Developments..." [Amer. J. Phys. Anthrop. 87:383-393] and
includes subdisciplines that are considered by most biological
anthropologists as important now and in the future, and
subdisciplines in which they feel their training was deficient.


Growth and Development
Statistics and Computer Science
Biomedical Anthropology
Mitochondrial Studies in Human Evolution
New Anatomical Imaging Methods
Skeletal Biology
The Human Genome Project and Bioanthropology
New Instructional Methods

The summer institute will cost $325 for the week, including
accomodations, breakfasts and lunches, registration fee, and
instructional materials. Please send suggestions or comments
back to the list, or expressions of interest to BOAZ@GWUVM.BITNET
or KELSO_J@CUBLDR.Colorado.edu.