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Stephanie Braun
04-27-1992, 02:12 AM
The Biomedical Simulations Resource
of the
University of Southern California

announces a two-day Short Course on


May 30-31, 1992

This course will illustrate the use of modeling and simulation in the
exploration of research design and hypothesis testing in experimental
neurobiology. Lectures, discussions, and computer laboratory sessions
will focus on three exemplary case histories that are experimental bases
of important current theoretical concepts in the neurobiology of movement
and perception.

Three short background papers will be distributed to participants in

(1) Bizzi, Mussa-Ivaldi & Giszter (1991)
Computations underlying the execution of movement:
a biological perspective.
Science 253, 287-291.

(2) Georgopoulos, Schwartz & Kettner (1986)
Neuronal population coding of movement direction.
Science 233, 1416-1419.

(3) Hecht, Schlaer & Pirenne (1941)
Energy at the threshold of vision.
Science 93, 585-587.

The course is intended primarily for college and university instructors,
postdoctoral scholars and graduate students. Prior computer experience is
not essential, but it will be assumed that participants have some under-
standing of basic issues in contemporary neurobiology.

There will be no registration fee, but a nominal fee for course materials
(discettes, notes, etc.) will be charged. Enrollment is limited; early
registration is advised.

Course Instructor: George P. Moore, PhD
Biomedical Engineering, USC

Associate Instructor: Reza Shadmehr, PhD
Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT

For further information: Call: (213)740-0342
FAX : (213)740-0343
E-mail: bmsr@bmsrs.usc.edu