View Full Version : physeal plate of femoral head

03-14-1998, 12:40 AM
Dear colleagues,
We have been interested in the repair processes of the femoral head to
experimentally produced damage. We have used rats for our model. To the
best of my knowledge, rats go on growing throughout their life such that
the physeal plate of the femoral head remains patent. Extrapolations from
the results of our experiments are, therefore, relevant only for growing
organisms. We cannot deduce what would happen in the adult patient.
For obvious reasons, we are using rats for our experiments rather than a
large animal. Is anyone of you aware of a small laboratory animal whose
physeal plates close on reaching maturity?
With many thanks in advance for your help,
Jochanan H. Boss, M.D.

Jochanan H. Boss, M.D.
Department of Pathology
Bnai-Zion Medical Center
P.O. Box 4940, Haifa 31048, Israel