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Carlos Nicolás Infante
03-16-1998, 09:22 PM
Hello to Everybody:
My name is Nicolás, i'm a student of Bioengeneering, I'm working on
my final thesis. I'm trying to develope an electronic baropodometer,
whit this device I'd like to messure the plantar pressure in a static
and dinamic way. I'll apreciate any information that you can send me
about sensors, becouse I need 1,200 sensors, I'look for load cells and
piezoelectric, but they are very expensive, I need one sensor for cm2.
Please any idea or adress where I can get this sensors cheaper I'll
Waiting for a soon answer...
Nicolás Infante
mailto :nicoinf@fi.uner.edu.ar
Adress : San juan 640
C.P. 3100 - Paraná -
Entre Ríos - ARGENTINA