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Rob Brown
03-30-1998, 09:02 AM
Can anybody help to point me in the right direction for a thesis I am
doing for my degree?
The thesis is regarding horses and the relationship between the
scapulo-humeral and humero-radial joint angles in horses whilst in the
stationary position and the take-off phase in jumping.
I am having great difficulty in finding research information about the
biomechanics of these joints, both in normal locomotion and during the
various phases of jumping.
I don't want to put anybody to great trouble, but if anybody could
suggest sources of information / references or journals that I could
I would be most grateful.I have been on the net repeatedly trying to
source information and unfortunately time is running out for me as I
only have a few more weeks to collate my experiment data and submit my
Thank you in advance for your assistance.