View Full Version : Dimensions of Human Humerus

Baker S Nicole
03-31-1998, 06:27 AM

I am looking for information about dimensions of the distal human humerus,
both size of the bone and also ligament origin or insertion near the elbow
joint. I have heard that data bases of CT Scan data or possibly
cadaveric measurements may be available on the internet and I thought
someone may be able to point me in the right direction.

As part of an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering course in
biomechanical design, my group is designing a new humeral stem for a
semi-constrained elbow implant for cases of severely deficient bone stock.
Specific dimensions of the humerus are desirable if available, but any
pertinent information is welcome.

Thank you,
Nicole Baker

Queen's University Mechanical Engineering
MECH 491 Industrial Design of Biomechanical Devices