View Full Version : Problems wearing ankle holsters

Geoff Strauss
04-01-1998, 11:02 AM
Dear Colleagues, This message has been posted on behalf of a co-worker.
Could all replies be directed to him at L.Straker@info.curtin.edu.au

Leon asks:
I am investigating the short and long term musculoskelal effects of
carrying a pistol on the leg. I have been unable to locate any literature
about a similar situation. Would anyone with information on this issue
please contact me.

Dr Leon Straker.

Geoffrey R. Strauss,
email: g.strauss@info.curtin.edu.au
School of Physiotherapy, Curtin University of Technology
Selby Street, Shenton Park, Western Australia, Australia. 6008
Tel. +61 8 9266 3666 Fax. +61 8 9266 3636


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