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04-02-1998, 05:16 AM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers
I am an orthopaedic surgeon doing research about
sports after total knee replacement. One very
popular activity in Switzerland is cross country skiing. So I think I
should test total knee designs also with loads occuring during this
When I did a lit search I could not find any numbers for knee joint loads
occuring during cross country skiing.
Does anybody have any data concerning estimates of tibio-femoral
loads (knee joints loads) during diagonal and or skating style of
recreational cross
country skiing? For our purpose we should know the peak load in body weight
and the flexion angle of the knee joint during the peak load. I am very
greatful for your help and am looking foreward to hearing from you.
For example power walking is 4bw at 20 deg of knee flexion
Cross country skiing ?

Markus Kuster
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