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Herman J. Woltring
04-30-1992, 07:27 PM
Article 146 in Usenet's sci.engr.biomed:
From: xxvb746@hermes.chpc.utexas.edu (Yanling Qi (UT CHPC))
Subject: Help: Microvascular model
Sender: xxvb746@chpc.utexas.edu (Yanling Qi (UT CHPC))
Organization: The University of Texas System - CHPC
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 92 17:14:23 GMT
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Hi there,

It is known that the countercurrent blood vessels ( artery-vein pair)
affect the heat transfer between blood in the vessels and surrounding tissue.
The Journal of Biomechanical Engineering published a series of papers from
a group at the City University of New York. They built a model of the micro-
vascular architechure of human limbs to describe the heat transfer problem.

We would like to read some papers, written by fellows in physiology or
anatomy, to see thier views of the microvascular architecture. I didn't
find papers which describe the size of small arteries and veins and how they
branch from major artery and vein. The information may lead to define a
model of microvascular tree or network to help understand the heat transfer
in living tissue system.

Any suggested readings are appreciated.

---yanling (xxvb746@hermes.chpc.utexas.edu or xxvb746@uthermes.bitnet)