View Full Version : Gait analysis, cardiology services: Clinical outsourcing.

Carter, Cory
04-02-1998, 08:28 AM
I am an MBA student working on a consulting project for a medical product
manufacturer and service provider. The client is interested in both the
feasibility and reality of clinical outsourcing of cardiology services--
specifically Ultrasound Imaging. As my background is in biomechanics, and
given the focus of Biomech-L, I am hopeful that readers will be able to
provide input on other outsourcing services such as gait and/or motion
analysis. Although, any information to the point of the original cardiology
inquiry will be extremely valuable as well.

A main goal in marketing situation analysis is to understand the customer.
The main client concerns are the trends in buying behavior, i.e.: Will
hospitals continue to be the primary purchasers and users of the client's
equipment, or will outsourcing become popular in the ever more bottom-line
driven hospital culture-- thus creating a new target consumer group, the
outsourced agencies themselves? Furthermore, I would like to understand
what customers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) expect from the outsourcing
company and how they would ideally like for that relationship to look. I am
also interested in what those relationships actually look like thus far.

I am hopeful that readers (especially those in an outsourcing situation) can
at least provide contact information for hospital/clinical administrators
who will be willing to further discuss the current state and trends of this

Thanks in advance.
Cory Carter, MS