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04-02-1998, 11:18 PM
It sounds as though you want to elicit the tonic vibratory reflex/response,
or TVR. This is not muscle (electrical stimulation). Muscle contraction
from the vibration (typically of a displacement amplitude of 0.5-3.0 mm,
and a frequency of 80-150 Hz) is due to excitation of the muscle spindle, and
thus spindle afferent discharge causing a tonic reflexive contraction of the
homonymous muscle. Typical commercially available vibrators, such as
the Hitachi "magic wand" do work to elicit the TVR. There used to be (still is?) a
research-quality machine, the Zeniter TMT-18 (sorry, no other info), that
had modifiable capabilities, such as vibratode displacement amplitude, and
vibrator frequencies. A lot of work with the TVR was done in the 60's and 70's,
let me know if you would like some refs and I can try to dig them up.
Hope this helps,

Jeff Ives

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