View Full Version : muscle stiffness

G Lehman
04-05-1998, 02:38 PM

I'm looking for studies investigating the influence of resistance
and flexibility exercises on the resting length of muscle, its stiffness
and resting tonicity. My question concerns the clinical
practice of correcting an anterior pelvic tilt which results in icreased
lordosis via a strengthening regime of Rectus Abdominis. This practice
would suggest that by strengthening a muscle its resting length or its resting
tonicity would change to result in an alteration in the pelvic
posture. The reverse of this is to stretch the hip flexors resulting in a
decreased "pull" on the pelvis and a subsequent decrease in the anterior
pelvic tilt. A parallel to this example is the theory that strengthening
the chest muscles without concommitant strengthening of the back
musculature will result in rounded shoulders. I can not find
any support for this in the literature. I
would appreciate any relevant sources that address these issues directly
or indirectly.

Thank you,

Greg Lehman