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Mark D Grabiner
04-06-1998, 12:28 AM
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Cardivascular Surgery Division
Research and Development

Sr. Staff Engineer

Provide expertise in soft tissue mechanics including biaxial, bending,
tensile and dynamic mechanical analysis. Requires familiarity with
highly non-linear, iterative analytical and numerical modeling.
Background in developing constitutive equations for highly non-linear,
large strain soft tissue is required. Familarity with finite element
and finite difference numerical analysis techniques is desirable.
applicant should have experience in the biomechanical analysis of
cardiovascular structures, soft tissue or bioprosthetic materials.
Position will allow for some self-directed work, and applicant will be
expected to demonstrate initiative and provide leadership in the
development of new tissue testing technologies. As part of the R&D
effort, the position will provide some support of product development.

Requires an MS (Ph.D. preferred) in biomechanics or related field.
1-5 years post graduate academic or industrial focus on biomechanical
characterization and modeling of soft tissue/bioprosthetic tissue.
Familiarity with examining the role of extracellular matrix materials
as collagen, elastin, GAG's, etc on tissue deformation and mechanics
is a plus. Experience with biomechanical characterization of
cross-linked bioprosthetic tissue is also desirable.

Please forward your curriculum vitae and salary history to:

M. Helmus, Ph.D.
Director, Tissue & Materials
Baxter Edwards CVS, M/S 22
17221 Red Hill Ave
Irvine, CA 92714
(714) 250-2501 (FAX)