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Richard Smith
04-06-1998, 01:36 PM
Grabrail Design: Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) (APA(I))

Applications are called for a PhD canidate who will carry out research into
grabrail design and placement.

The Project:
The project includes experiments to test the slip-resistance of a variety
of grabrail surface finishes. When the optimal surface finish has been
determined, the performance of able-bodied subjects executing the
sit-stand-sit movement will be measured with the grabrail placed in a
variety of different positions. This will be followed by the performance
testing of two subgroups of the impaired population.

The Scholarship
The scholarship includes a stipend of $20,180 per year and removal, travel
and thesis expenses.

Role of APA(I)
The student will be involved at all stages of the project. Particularly in
the initial stages of the project time will be spent in consultation with
the industry partner A&M Henry.
The project will give the candidate a thorough grounding in quantitative
research methods, management of a research project and working in a
research team. It will also give the candidate experience in interaction
with industries relevant to the candidates possible future employment in a
university, rehabilitation or ergonomics industry.

The applicant must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Please contact Richard Smith
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