View Full Version : Anyone need any cans....?

Mary K. Hannan
04-07-1998, 08:21 AM
Hi all !

I was wondering if anyone has the need for
cans that can be sealed to send specimens in liquid.
We purchased far too many for a study at one time
and now have cans up to our cans...

These containers are A-12 size paint cans (about 1 gallon
capacity I think) that are completely sealable against leaking.
Each can has a plastic bag to encase the can and
an individual box with styrofoam spacers that keep the can
in place during shipping.

The deal is ... if you want them, let me know and I can
arrange to have them shipped to you or you can pick them up if you are
in the area. You would only have to pay shipping costs,
you can have the cans with boxes free !!!!
I have to get rid of 99 of these things !!!

Let me know if you would like to have any.

Mary Hannan
Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Mass