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04-09-1998, 06:19 AM

CALL FOR PAPERS: Neuromuscular Systems and Biomechanics Theme

The 1998 conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
(EMBS) of the Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
will be held in Hong Kong from October 29 through November 1. The chair of
the "Neuro-muscular Systems and Biomechanics" theme at this meeting is Dr.
Robert Kearney (McGill University), with co-chairs Robert Kirsch (Case
Western Reserve University) and Dr. Ning Lan (Tsinghua University). We are
working to organize a set of coherent and strong sessions at the meeting
that are focused on various aspects of the study of neuromuscular and
biomechanical properties. The various sub-topics that are covered under the
Neuro-muscular Systems and Biomechanics theme are listed below.

Please consider submitting a paper and participating in this conference.
Hong Kong promises to provide an exciting backdrop for the meeting while
offering an unique opportunity for interactions with colleagues from the
far east. Check out the conference web page
http://www.ee.cuhk.edu.hk/embs98.html for more information. I would also
be happy to send you additional information about the meeting,
registration, etc.

Thanks, and see you in Hong Kong!


Bob Kirsch

7. Neuro-muscular Systems and Biomechanics
Tracks and Track Chairs

7.1 Posture, Gait and Locomotion
Peter Veltink, University of Twente, the Netherlands
Hiroshi Gomi, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan
(gomi@idea.brl.ntt.jp )

7.2 Ergonomics and Human Perfomance Analysis
George V. Kondraske, University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Zhu Tu-Ling, China Rehabilitation Research Centre, PRC

7.3 Orthopaedic Biomechanics
Gerry Harris, Marquette University, USA
Daniel Chow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

7.4 FES/Mobility Aids
Robert Kirsch, Case Western Reserve University, USA
Ning Lan, Tsinghua University, PRC

7.5 Robotics and Micro-mechanical devices
Zhong-Hua Gao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, PRC
Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan

7.6 EMG/VMG signal analysis
Bernard Hudgins, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Charlie Xiao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

7.7 Rehabilitation Engineering
Arthur F. T. Mak, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Charles Robinson, University of Pittsburg, USA

7.8 Sport Medicine
Kai Ming Chan Chinese University of Hong Kong

Robert F. Kirsch, Ph.D. e-mail: rfk3@po.cwru.edu
Cleveland VA FES Center voice: (216) 778-4139
MetroHealth Medical Center, Hamann 640 FAX: (216) 778-4259
Cleveland, OH 44109