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David P. Dillard
04-14-1998, 06:20 AM
There are several citations dealing with retinal and ocular damage
due to shaken babies. These citations are listed below your original
question. I hope this information helps you.

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Temple University
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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 15:50:04 -0500
From: Josh Erickson
Subject: Biomechanics of eyes in infants
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We are hearing more and more cases surfacing involving Shaken Baby Syndrome
or Shaken Baby/Impact Syndrome. One of the symptoms of SBS is deep retinal
hemorhaging. Many say this hemorhaging is a result of the infants eyes
slamming against the sockets during the shaking period. Others say that it
is impossible for the eyes to move in the sockets like that. What is the
truth? Do an infants eyes have the ability to slam against the sockets
during shaking, or do they not? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

AU - Kapoor S
AU - Schiffman J
AU - Tang R
AU - Kiang E
AU - Li H
AU - Woodward J
TI - The significance of white-centered retinal hemorrhages in the shaken
baby syndrome.
SO - Pediatric Emergency Care 1997 Jun;13(3):183-5

AU - Rohrbach JM
AU - Benz D
AU - Friedrichs W
AU - Thiel HJ
AU - Wehner HD
TI - Ocular pathology of child abuse
OT - Okulare Pathologie der Kindesmisshandlung.
SO - Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde 1997 Mar;210(3):133-8

AU - Betz P
AU - Puschel K
AU - Miltner E
AU - Lignitz E
AU - Eisenmenger W
TI - Morphometrical analysis of retinal hemorrhages in the shaken baby
SO - Forensic Science International 1996 Mar 5;78(1):71-80

AU - James DS
AU - Leadbeatter S
TI - Morphometric analysis of retinal haemorrhages in the shaken baby
SO - Forensic Science International 1996 Oct 25;82(3):255

AU - Cox LA
TI - The shaken baby syndrome: diagnosis using CT and MRI.
SO - Radiologic Technology 1996 Jul-Aug;67(6):513-20

AU - Matthews GP
AU - Das A
TI - Dense vitreous hemorrhages predict poor visual and neurological
prognosis in infants with shaken baby syndrome.
SO - Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus 1996 Jul-Aug;33(4):260-5

AU - Gilliland MG
AU - Folberg R
TI - Shaken babies--some have no impact injuries [see comments].
SO - Journal of Forensic Sciences 1996 Jan;41(1):114-6

AU - Green MA
AU - Lieberman G
AU - Milroy CM
AU - Parsons MA
TI - Ocular and cerebral trauma in non-accidental injury in infancy:
underlying mechanisms and implications for paediatric practice [see
SO - British Journal of Ophthalmology 1996 Apr;80(4):282-7

AU - Snodgrass GJ
TI - The eye and the brain in non-accidental injury involving young
children [editorial; comment].
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AU - Dorfman DH
AU - Paradise JE
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children. [Review] [31 refs]
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AU - Budenz DL
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SO - Survey of Ophthalmology 1995 May-Jun;39(6):509-12

AU - Chiocca EM
TI - Shaken baby syndrome: a nursing perspective.
SO - Pediatric Nursing 1995 Jan-Feb;21(1):33-8

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