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04-14-1998, 06:05 PM
Dear all again:
Two months ago I wrote:

Dear all:
I'am looking for a simple 2d human model for matching it on a sequence of
video images.
I can extract the human body from the background and can get the outline,
the shape or the skeleton of the figure. Now I want a simple model to match
the extracted figure automaticly to measure for example the angle between
upper arm and the trunk.
I would appreciate any help to get further in this.

Stefan Pinzke

I would appreciate more help to get further. Have anyone experiences of
applying a 2d human model or a stick-figure on video images? Have anyone
written a routine or know a program which can perform this kind of

Here are the answeres (Thank you to those who up to now replied):

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Hi Stephen

Could you send a summary of the replies ?
I'm also interested in this stuff


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Check at: http://www.arielnet.com

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You might check Peak Performance Technologies, in Littleton, Colorado, USA.

website at www.peakperform.com

Good luck,

Mike Hahn

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