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Michael Sacks
04-16-1998, 12:09 AM
To follow up on my previous posting, it seems that in some
ways the basic structural unit of major stress-bearing tissues is really
the fibril, with combinations
of fibrils forming various larger structural units, which may appear to
be fibers or fiber-bundles (or just bundles...). One important question

would be is why one tissue forms one type of fiber/bundle structure
while another forms a different kind. For the aortic valve, at least,
there have been computational models done by Charles Peskin that suggest
that mechanical
equilibrium is best satisfied with the formation of dense cords, which
are clearly observable by the eye. Thus, macro-stress fields may be one

reason for particular meso-structural connective tissue formations in
tissues. Hope this is additional food for thought

-Michael Sacks

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