View Full Version : Conference announcement avalances ...

Herman J. Woltring
05-02-1992, 12:16 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

During the past few days, one posting from Mexico, and once from Saudi
Arabia appeared not only on Biomch-L, but also on many other lists. It
seems that at least one of these concerns clearly regional information
to hundreds of lists far outside the topical theme; this breach of net
etiquette is currently under discussion on LSTOWN-L, LSTERN-L, and on
similar fora.

For Biomch-L, such problems have not occurred very often. If they should
recur, your moderators might consider changing the list's profile, by
making posting onto it private, i.e., for subscribers only. Postings by
non-subscribers ought than to be diverted to the (active) moderators for
their consideration which would, of course, increase their job load. I
do hope that this can be avoided!

Sincerely -- hjw