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Stephen Haake
04-20-1998, 03:07 AM
20th April 1998

Dear Colleague,

Please find below provisional details of papers to be presented at the 2nd
International Conference on the Engineering of Sport. For a
registration booklet and further details of the conference or the
International Sports Engineering Association please contact the conference
secretariat at a.staley@sheffield.ac.uk.

*****2nd International Conference on*****
********The Engineering of Sport*********
*********13th to 17th July 1998**********
**********Sheffield, England*************

organised by
**The International Sports Engineering Association**
**************The University of Sheffield***********

This conference follows on the success of the 1st International
Conference on the Engineering of Sport held in Sheffield in 1996. The
Conference brings together research groups from around the world
working in the area of Sports Engineering and Technology. The 1998
Conference will formally launch the International Sports Engineering
Association and a new journal Sports Engineering, published by
Blackwell Science.
Dr Steve Haake
Organising Committee

*****Contact Address*****
Amanda Staley
Conference Secretariat
The University of Sheffield
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mappin Street
S1 3JD, UK

Tel: + (0) 114 222 7801
Fax: + (0) 114 222 7853
Email: a.staley@sheffield.ac.uk

The Conference will be held at the University of Sheffield which is
one of Britainís leading universities in both research and teaching.
Sheffield has excellent rail and road links to all parts of the United
Kingdom and with the London and Manchester International Airports.

The Conference will be held at the University of Sheffield. Sheffield
is the UK's first National City of Sport and has been recently awarded the
prestigious £160 million headquarters for the UK Institute of Sport.
Sheffield boasts some of the best sports facilities in the country and has
identified sport as its main route to City regeneration.

A number of single en-suite rooms have been reserved at Halifax Hall
of residence at a cost of £30 per night for bed and breakfast. These
can be booked directly with the Conference Secretariat. A list of
alternative Hotels is shown below. Reservations should be made
directly with the Hotel.

**Rutland Hotel, 452 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PY
Telephone : +(0)114 266 4411
Fax : +(0)114 267 0348
(10-15 min walk from conference, 1 Restaurant, lounge, room service, car

**Forte Posthouse, Manchester Road, Sheffield, S10 5DX
Telephone : + (0)114 267 0067
Fax: +(0)114 268 2620
Single 60 GB Pounds
(10-15 min walk from conference, 1 Restaurant,lounge, room service, car
parking, swimming pool, exercise facilities)

**Swallow Hotel, Kenwood Road, Sheffield S7 1NQ
Telephone: +(0)114 258 3811
Fax : +(0)114 250 0138
Single 70 GB Pounds
Double 80 GB Pounds
(45 min walk (5 min taxi)from conference, 2 Restaurants,lounge, room
service, car parking, swimming pool, exercise facilities)

*****Provisional Conference Programme*****
Delegates at the Conference will represent 13 countries. Around 70
papers will be presented at the conference over four days and will be
published in a hardback book of Proceedings available at the
conference.The following is a provisional list of papers to be presented.

Cricket Glove Design
Cambridge University, UK
S Alexander, D Underwood, A Cooke

Cricket ball swing - the Cooke-Lyttleton theory revisited
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
A Anderson, C Grant

Computer simulation of curve-ball kicking in soccer
Yamagata University, JAPAN
T Asai, M Nasako, O Murakami, T Akatsuka

Two direction force measurement transducers
University of Surrey, UK
LB Bagesteiro, RAC Laranja, A Tamagna

Assessing the ergonomics of 2 rucksacks
LAMIH, France
F Barbier, O Salom, JCAngue

New facilities for measurement and modelling of hydrodynamics loads on
oars blades Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
S Barre, J-M Kobus

The physics of the tennis serve
University of Pennsylvania, USA
H Brody

The parametric design of a chain drive system
Bristol University, UK
SC Burgess

The analysis of cricket ball impacts using digital stroboscopic
photography University of Sheffield, UK
M Carre, SJ Haake

The design of a dry-land ergometer for measurement and manipulation of
power output from arm-pulling, leg-kicking and whole-body simulated
swimming De Montfort University Bedford, UK D Cook, KM Maycock, C
EM Winter, IL Swaine

Comparative evaluation of soccer boot traction during cutting
manoeuvres - a proposed field test methodology Liverpool John Moores
University, UK
V Coyles, BL Patritti, MJ Lake

Force measurement and calculation in sport activities
Brunel University, UK
P Dabnichki

Body protective wear, with particular reference to football injury
University of Leicester, UK
D Davey

Materials innovation in the sports field : results of case studies
University of Strasbourg II, France
M Desbordes

The mechanical and biomechanical performance of sureflex sports
surface material University of Nottingham, UK
SJ Dixon, TM Singleton,
K Al-Shamsi, AC Collop, ME Batt

The effect of shock absorption sport surfaces in jumping. The
relation with the standard DIN 18032 Instituto de Biomecanica de
Valencia (IBV), Spain
JV Dura

To a question of the standartization of the programs for the
biomechanical analysis of the ground reaction forces in sport Russia
B Dychko

Mechanical & physical characterisation of ash hurleys
National University of Ireland, Ireland
GJ Fahey, CM O'Bradaigh,

Design of a cricket bat test machine
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
C Grant, RA Davidson

Alpine ski robots and dynamical analysis of skiing turn
Fukui University, Japan
K Hasegawa, S Shimizu

Development of a testing procedure to determine the mechanical and
physical characteristics of the sliotar National University of
Ireland, Ireland
LP Hassett, CM O'Bradaigh

An anthropometric model and computer simulation for studying the
interactions between muscle mass, limb inertial properties, and lower
limb dynamics University of California - Davis, USA
D Hawkins

Biofeedback system for training rowers
University of California - Davis, USA
D Hawkins

Development of automatic belaying system for mountain climbers
Kobe University, JAPAN
S Ishioka, W Mizutani, K Nakagawa

Numerical analysis of golf club head at various restitution conditions
Kobe University, Japan
T Iwatsubo, S Kawamura, K Miyamoto, T Yamaguchi

The dynamic calibration of SRM power measuring cranks
Chichester Institute of Higher Education, UK
SM Jones, L Passfield

An experimental study on the mechanics of long parallel turn by direct
measurement of joint motion and acting forces on the actual skiers
Kanazawa University, Japan
H Kagawa, T Yoneyama

Performance prediction of tennis rackets with different racket head
size: Impact shock vibrations of a racket grip and
a player's wrist joint
Saitama Institute of Technology, Japan
Y Kawazoe, R Tomosue, K Yoshinari

The development of a superior performance cricket helmet
CadCam Technology Ltd, UK
S Knowles, G Fletcher, R Brooks, S Mather

Three-dimensional reconstruction accuracy within a calibrated volume
Roehampton Institute London, UK
M Lauder, P Dabnichki, RM Bartlett

Dynamics of the stance phase in sprinting using high-speed digital
imaging INSEP Campus Olympique Paris, France
J Loizeau, D Parganin, MP

Non destructive detection of damage in leather using infared
thermography Ecole Polytechnique, France
MP Luong, D Parganin, J

A design methodology for predicting arrow launch conditions
GMI Engineering & Management Institute, USA
T Mase, J Hargrove

The effect of centrifugal forces on the bending stiffness of a golf
shaft The University of Nottingham, UK
JSB Mather

The measurement of the position of a ball striking a cricket bat
University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa
DM McKellar, G Nurick, RA Stretch

Golf swing robot to realize human skill
The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
A Ming, M Kajitani

Accelerating and decelerating phases of wrist motion
K Miura, T Naruo

The recurrent failure of modern bike components
University of Bristol, UK
JE Morgan

A study of baseball bat performance
Mizuno Corporation, JAPAN
T Naruo, F Sato

A study of methodology about analysing human movement patterns and
performance using acceleration time series SPINOUT, Japan
Y Ohgi, T Mokuno, M Yamagishi, C Miyaji

Infared scanning of damage in Sail Material
INSEP Campus Olympique Paris, France
D Parganin, MP Luong, J Loizeau

Failure of climbing ropes resulting from multiple leader falls
University of Bristol, UK
M Pavier

Performance comparison of conventional and beam suspension bicycle
designs under constant vibration McGill University, Canada
DJ Pearsall, T Blane Hoshizaki, R Turcotte, DL Montgomery, E Spyrou

Finite element impact analysis of a flexible cricket bat for design
optimisation The University of Sheffield, UK
JMT Penrose

A computational study of the double pendulum model of the golf swing
The University of Sheffield, UK
WM Pickering

Generation of design and testing criteria of seats for sports
facilities Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (IBV), Spain
R Porcar, A Page, D Ayora, JV Dura

Design of a technique to measure joint forces and moments in
wheelchair propulsion Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, USA
M Sabick, HW Wu, FC Su

Vibration characteristic of driving bicycles/characteristics of road
racer bicycles Yamaguchi University, Japan
T Saito

Simulation of a ski turn
Chubu University, JAPAN
T Sakata, T Ito

Interest of a tissular strain evaluation method for the design of
sports equipments: application to mountaineering backpacks Decathlon
Production, France
O Salom, P Galliot, P Lecuyer

The quantitative measurement of Taekwondo kicking movement
Institute of Coaching Science, Taiwan
T-Y Shiang, K-M Chou

The kinetic characteristics of rowing movement
Institute of Coaching Science, TAIWAN
T-Y Shiang, C-B Tsai

Fundamental study for the design of a ski robot using actuators to
simulate human muscular characteristics
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
A Shionoya, Y Sakurai, M Yachida, M Hasegawa, H Miyake

Evaluation and design optimisation of sports technology based on
structural dynamic modelling RMIT University, Australia
A Subic

Engineering of sports equipment; application to skiing, golf and
cycling LGMT, France P Swider, O Mouzin, B Le Fichoux-Chemli

Experimental determination of snow resistance forces acting on a
turning snow ski Chuo University, Japan
N Tada, Y Hirano

Engineering the worlds fastest bicycle
RMIT University, Australia
LA Thompson

Method of measurement and evaluation for the mechanical
characteristics of running shoes Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
S Ujihashi, SH Woo, N Inou

A hybrid approach to the compliance testing of training shoes
University of Strathclyde, UK
C Walker

The concept of positive and negative signs for work, power and energy,
and their special meaning in biomechanics Liverpool University,
W Wang, RH Crompton, MM Gunther, Yu Li,

Timing light tutorial
United States Olympic Committee, USA
TM Westenburg

Study on the relation between turning motion and the reacting forces
using a skiing robot Kanazawa University, JAPAN
T Yoneyama, H Kagawa

Dr Steve Haake,
Sports Engineering Research Group,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
The University of Sheffield,
Mappin Street,
Sheffield, S1 3JD,
United Kingdom.

Tel (+114) 222 7739
Fax (+114) 222 7853

Dr Steve Haake,
Sports Engineering Research Group,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
The University of Sheffield,
Mappin Street,
Sheffield, S1 3JD,
United Kingdom.

Tel (+114) 222 7739
Fax (+114) 222 7853

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