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Wen-ling Chen
04-20-1998, 04:09 AM
Dear netters:

Let me put some points to stir the discussion on the slower
walking pace
of the elderly.

In a cross-sectional pilot study, we found that Caucasian
healthy women
did not significantly slow down their walking pace until very old
(almost up to
age 70 years, n=40); Caucasian men, 65 years (n=49); Asian men, 55
(n=47); Asian women, 45 years (n=80). The results might not be perfect
owing to insufficient number of Caucasian women subjects. If this trend
true, will the explanations of elderly slowing become different?

Provided that "joint stiffness" mentioned earlier in this list
accounted for
slower walking pace of the elderly, why do the Asian, often reported
with less
incidence of gonarthrosis or coxarthrosis than the Caucasian, slow down
walking path ealier in their lives than the Caucasian? On the other
Asian people often have significantly lower bone density.

Slowing down, from my point of view, is advantageous to
prevention. I will be very grateful if anyone of you are interested in
to me about following questions:

1. Are you Caucasian or Asian ?
2. Do you walk faster than your wife/husband/partner? What is your age
her/his age?
3. If you are younger than 45 years, does your father walk slower than
mother? How old are they?

It is perhaps the first large survey in this list. I will be
very happy to
summarize all the replies and post it as soon as possible. Please do
take some
time to answer it, because it may be very helpful for disease

Thank you very much in advance!

Wen-ling Chen
D.Phil student,
Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre
University of Oxford
email: spet0196@sable.ox.ac.uk

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