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Warren M. Grill
04-20-1998, 11:26 PM
Post-Doctoral Position, BME, CWRU

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

A 2 year post-doctoral position is available to develop and test new
techniques that enable selective stimulation of nerve fibers for
application in advanced neural prostheses. The project includes
computer-based modeling, pre-clinical animal testing, and the possibility
of intra-operative human testing. Qualified candidates will have knowledge
of neurophysiology, electrical stimulation, and electromagnetics and
preferably have experience in computer modeling (particularly neural
modeling) and conducting animal experiments. This is a 2 year position
with a full-time University appointment as a Research Associate and
includes a competitive salary and full University benefits.

The individual will work with Warren M. Grill, Ph.D. and Graham H. Creasey,
M.D. at the Applied Neural Control Laboratory (see below) and be a member
of the Cleveland FES Center (P. Hunter Peckham, Ph.D., Director), a
consortium of neural prosthesis research in Cleveland which includes the
involvement of over 20 faculty members.

Further information about neural prosthesis research in Cleveland can be
found at:

For consideration please forward a CV with the names of 3 references (with
email addresses) to:

Warren M. Grill, Ph.D.
Applied Neural Control Lab
CB Bolton Bldg. Rm 3480
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland OH 44106-4912

fax (216) 368-8625

The Applied Neural Control Laboratory (ANCL, J. Thomas Mortimer,
Ph.D., Director) is an internationally know center dedicated to education
in biomedical engineering and development of technology and rehabilitative
devices based on the electrical excitability phenomena of neural tissue.
The efforts of the laboratory focus primarily on the motor system and
concern both basic and applied research. The laboratory is equipped to,
and does, undertake studies that concern muscle physiology and muscle
metabolism, neurophysiology and neural modeling, electrode design and
evaluation, development of control systems for electrically activated
muscle, tissue damage, and electrochemistry of neural stimulating
electrodes. Applications focus on restoration of upper extremity function
in the high-level spinal cord injury patient, micturition assist for
spinal cord injured persons, treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
by electrical activation of the paraspinal muscles, respiratory assist by
intramuscular and epimysial diaphragm pacing, electrical block of
peripheral nerve transmission, and selective activation of peripheral nerve
based on fiber location and/or fiber diameter.
ANCL is a facility of the Department of Biomedical Engineering that
occupies 6,000 sq. ft. in the Charles B. Bolton Building adjacent to the
University Animal Resource Center. Well equipped sterile and non-sterile
operating rooms are in place including all equipment necessary to maintain
animal homeostasis. Additional resources include a small machine shop, a
darkroom, an electronics lab, and an electrode fabrication laboratory.
A campus wide network links Intel 486, Intel Pentium, Apple
Macintosh, and SUN and DEC workstations present in the laboratory, and a 2
GB file server maintained off-site. A laboratory computer system based on
a Macintosh PM9500 and including an A/D and D/A board, a digital I/O board,
and an IEEE/488 interface, as well as LABView data acquisition software, is
in place for experimental work.
There is office space available for 4 faculty members, 4
post-doctoral researchers, and 30 graduate students.

Warren M. Grill, Ph.D.
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
phone (216) 368-8625
fax (216) 368-4872

Applied Neural Control Lab
Case Western Reserve University
C.B. Bolton Building, Rm 3480
Cleveland OH 44106-4912

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