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Scott Mclean
04-21-1998, 05:42 PM
Dear readers,

We are currently developing a mathematical model of the human ACL to
examine the response to specific joint movement patterns. The model
is driven by measured kinematic (3D) and geometric (MRI) data. The
mechanical response of the ligament itself is modelled using
equations similar to those proposed by Johnson et al., 1996 (J
Biomech Eng) and Kwan et al., 1993 (J Biomech).

Our current concern lies in the ability of the model to accurately
predict ligament stress for much faster (physiological) strain rates.

The work of Danto and Woo, 1993 and Lydon et al., 1995 (both testing
rabbits) provides some useful experimental data on the
effects of strain rate on the ACL. We could not, however, locate
similar data for the human ACL.

Does anyone know whether these data are available in the literature?
Also, does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on the matter?

I will post a summary of responses when possible.


Scott McLean

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The University of Queensland
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