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04-21-1998, 08:46 PM
Many thanks to all that replied to my request for models of the foot.

Best reply was from Masaaki Mochimaru, who has exactly the kind of
models we need, in the right format, for a whole range of different
people. Perfect!
You can see these models at:


Georg Duda has segmented the bones of the visible human foot, but is
still refining the segmentation process and would be grateful if
anyone has 3d vector data on the visible human feet.

My own contribution: There are several companies that sell this type
of data, for example Viewpoint Datalabs


and Zygote


I haven't looked into either of these properly, but I noticed that
Zygote for one has a nice model of the bones of the foot.

Here are the replies in full:

From: Masaaki Mochimaru
Subject: Re: Models of feet?

Dear Dr. Evans,

your article to BIOMCH-L:
> Does anyone have a solid model of a typical adult foot, preferably in
> IGES format, that they would be willing to share?

We can share a solid model of the average foot of Japanese adult
females. You can see our model in the following URL:


If you are interested in our model, please mail to me.
Our model is in DXF format, but we can convert it to IGES format.

Best regards,
Masaaki Mochimaru, Ph.D.

From: Georg Duda
Organization: Trauma research, Charite
Subject: Re: Models of feet?

Dr. Evans,

in case somebody points you to a source on 3D vector data of
the visible human feet it would be great if you could forward
this reference to us. In addition, we could supply you with
very rough data on this foot (male, bony contours). However,
the bones in our data base are not realy segmented appropriately.
Currently, we are running into technical problems to get a smooth
and nice segmentation of the various foot bones...


Georg Duda
__________________________________________________ ______________________
Dr.-Ing. Georg Duda
Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery
- Research Laboratory -
Charite, Campus Virchow-Clinic, Humboldt University
Augustenburger Platz 1, D-13 353 Berlin
tel: +49.30.450.59079 (office) +49.30.450.52032 (sekretary)
fax: +49.30.450.59969
email: duda@charite.de
www: http://www.rz.charite.hu-berlin.de/rv/deo/forsch/
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From: Michael Guttormsen
Subject: Re: Models of feet?

At 12:32 20.04.98 GMT0BST, you wrote:
>Does anyone have a solid model of a typical adult foot, preferably in
>IGES format, that they would be willing to share?
>We want to do some calculations of the inertial properties
>of the foot as part of an ongoing project to develop accurate 3D
>inverse dynamics software.
>References for experimental measurements of the inertia properties of
>the foot would also be appreciated.
>Sam Evans.
>Dr. Sam Evans,
>Medical Systems Engineering Research Unit,
>UWC School of Engineering,
>PO Box 688, The Parade,
>Cardiff CF2 3TE, UK.
>Tel. (01222) 874533 or (01222) 874000 x5926
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Would you share your answers to me ?


Michael Guttormsen, M.S.E.E
Norwegian University of sport and physical education
Postbox 4014, Ullevaal Hageby
0806 Oslo
tlf : +47 2218 5785
fax : +47 2218 5718

Thanks once again for your help,

Dr. Sam Evans,
Medical Systems Engineering Research Unit,
UWC School of Engineering,
PO Box 688, The Parade,
Cardiff CF2 3TE, UK.
Tel. (01222) 874533 or (01222) 874000 x5926
Fax. (01222) 874533

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