View Full Version : Dynamics ond kinematics of plantar foot structures

Harald Böhm
04-21-1998, 09:06 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

We are trying to model the human foot. This model should be applied to
landing events in gymnastics. In order to model the plantar structures
of the foot we need dynamical and kinematical data of this structures
(force-deformation curves would be the best). Specifically we´ve red Ker
and Alexander´s article "The spring in the arch of the human foot" where
they describe the force-deformation curves when cutting one by one the
different plantar ligaments. The deformation in this paper was vertical
while we are looking the distance between metatarsal heads and

Any help would be greatly apreciated, (also on how to measure this).

Harald Boehm and Gaspar Morey
Assistant researchers
Sports University Cologne
mailto: boehm@hrz.dshs-koeln.de
mailto: morey@hrz.dshs-koeln.de

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