View Full Version : Reply-What does race really mean?

04-21-1998, 10:13 PM
The debate on race is captured by the title in this reply. What it means is
contextual. Unfortunately, too much water is under the bridge that has
politicized the term. The original comment was in error by extending the
meaning "in biomechanics".

As George Davey related, there are relevant ergonomic issues that arise from
genetics that define stature. In addition, the older anatomical literature
also suggests that there may be differences in the musculoligamentous
connections in the low back, for example, that differ. The supraspinous
ligament is reported as absent in one population. If so, is there an effect
on load sharing in lumbar structures? Would these people be more or less
protected from activity restrictions from back pain? These are intersting and
potentially illuminating questions fo epidemiological and biomechanical
relevance in health science.

Their importance is no less than the understanding of increased susceptibility
of specific populations to diseases like sickle-cell anemia. Another example
is cultural differences in expression of pain that has been reported in
medical anthropology. We must study them to understand how to treat them
effectively and improve the quality of life for this population in specific
and all in general.


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