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04-21-1998, 10:31 PM

Back when we were young I posted a query regarding where to look
to find comprehensive listings of Kinesiology programs, none of the usual
library tools really did the trick.

Below are the responses.

Thank you,
Patrick Ellis
From: Bryan Kirking

When I was looking for graduate schools, I looked at Peterson's guides (I
think this is the name). It was basically a publication of bulletins
produced by graduate school departments. I know there are biomechanics
and expect that there are also Kinesiology ones, but they are probably
contained within a school's Education program.

For example, if I knew a specific school, say Ohio State, and I wanted
to check its Kinesiology program, I would check Petersons Guide to
graduate Education programs, and look up Ohio
State. Kinesiology can get put in many areas so it may be worth checking
Education, Bioengineering, and any other category that may include Kinesiology.

I don't know if similar resources are available at undergrad level and
would be surprised if there were.

Good luck.

From: dferris@uclink2.berkeley.edu

There is a WWW resouce on the internet called Kinesiology Worldwide that
is located at


but it tends not to be updated all that frequently. The American College
of Sports Medicine publishes a yearly listing of graduate Exercise Science
programs. The ACSM has a home page at


Another possiblity is the guide to graduate programs published by
Peterson's every year. This multiple volume set lists graduate programs
in all disciplines, including a section devoted to kinesiology programs.
Their online version can be found at


If you get really desperate, you might want to try the kinesiology links
in my Useful Links section on my home page at


I hope this helps.


From: Gordon Chalmers

A partial list can be found at:

Please summarize the responses you find, because I would like to know
about other lists.



From: "Peter J. Keir"

Try Kinesiology World Wide :


it's pretty inclusive.

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