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04-23-1998, 10:37 PM

For Gender difference studies, many databases try to index under
thesaural terms like SEX FACTORS. On Sport database: exploding the
descriptor Throwing and linking it with the descriptor Sex Factors should
get you going. On Medline, there is no descriptor for Throwing, but there
is for Sex Factors, which you can link with the keyword throwing. (Samples
below) Good luck,
Patrick Ellis

TI: Effects of training on gender differences in overhand throwing: A
brief quantitative literature analysis
Thomas,-J.-R; Michael,-D; Gallagher,-J.-DJN:
Research-quarterly-for-exercise-and-sport-(Reston,-Va.); 65(1), Mar 1994,

The objective of the present study was to investigation the stages of the
motor development of adults in the basic skill of throwing. The task used
in the investigation was that of distance throwing a tennis ball over the
shoulders (12 meters). Subjects were seventy randomly selected university
students stratified by sex - 35 males and 35 females - enrolled in the
several classes of sport practice of the Universidade de Brasilia. Age
ranged from 18 to 24 years, with a mean age of 20 years and 1 month. Each
subject executed the research skill task on an outdoor, multipurpose
sports court. Both the frontal and the lateral angles of the performances
were recorded in videocassette tapes in a total of five attempts per
subject. Taped performance were then evaluated by two researches and
recorded on an observation instrument especially designed for the present
study. Prior to the utilization of the observations as data for the
analyses, intra and inter observers consistency tests were performed. They
revealed a high level of evaluation reliability both between the observers
and within the observations by each of them

Longitudinal change in throwing performance: gender
Nelson-KR; Thomas-JR; Nelson-JKSO:
Res-Q-Exerc-Sport. 1991 Mar; 62(1): 105-8

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