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Herman J. Woltring
05-04-1992, 11:55 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following the posting of draft 4.1 of the ISB S&TC's long-awaited Standardi-
zation proposal, here is the README file with instructions for file retrieval
and processing. Getting all these different versions properly stored and
retrievable was a lengthy exercise in standardization and communication
problems by itself, with MS-Dos, Macintosh, VAX/VMS, VAX/Ultrix, and IBM
platforms each imposing their own constraints; this explains the one-month
delay since version 4.1 was finalised: various versions have already been
available for some time.

At the end of his posting, Peter Cavanagh indicates that he anticipates
private comments at CELOS, by letter, tel/fax, and/or email. Hopefully,
public comments on Biomch-L will be considered, too?



ISB - International Society of Biomechanics

ISB Standardization and Terminology Committee


Draft Version 4.1, April 3, 1992

N.B. Draft version 4.0 of 23 March 1992 was published in the February/March
1992 Newsletter of the ISB.

The following help file and versions are available from LISTSERV@HEARN.BITNET
and (for Internet users) from the equivalent address LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL:

File_name File_type Description
--------- --------- -----------
ISB41 README This help file
ISB41 TXT Plain ASCII file without illustrations (Biomch-L posting
of 4 May 1992)
ISB41WP5 UUE UUENCODEd, self-extracting executable (based on ARJ230NG)
of a Word Perfect 5.1 file for MS-DOS compatible systems
ISB41WD5 HQX BINHEXed, compressed MS-Words 4.0/5.0 file for the Mac-
ISB41PS UUE UUENCODEd, Z-compressed PostScript version of the
ISB41WD5 HQX file [temporarily withdrawn -- hjw].

All these files can be retrieved by sending interactive messages on BITNET or
email requests in the main body of an email note to either address above (the
Subject: line is irrelevant), of the form

SEND file_name file_type BIOMCH-L

BITNET users will receive the requested items as NETDATA files, others as
email notes. Furthermore, some of these files are available via anonymous
FTP from an experimental server ftp.nici.kun.nl (IP #, in
subdirectory /pub/isb.

If there is sufficient demand, other versions might be made available, too,
for example, a self-extracting executable under MS-DOS of the PostScript

In case of problems, comments, or questions, please contact

Prof. P.R. Cavanagh, Chairperson
ISB Standardization and Terminology Committee
Center for Locomotion Studies
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A.
Tel. +1(814) 865-1972
Fax +1(814) 863-4755
Email PRC@ECL.PSU.EDU (Internet)

or any of the Biomch-L moderators.

P.S.: A LaTeX file ATTJOB TEX with a counterproposal is also available, both
on the BIOMCH-L fileserver and on the ftp server.