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Noel Lythgo
04-29-1998, 02:06 PM
Dear all,

at maximal running velocity is the the step length (e.g. right foot contact
to left foot contact) of an elite sprinter (100 m) significantly longer than
an elite marathon runner"s step length?

For example:

It has been stated that an elite sprinter takes about 45 steps in completing
a 100 m sprint: therefore the average step length = 2.2 m. Based on the
assumption that shorter steps are taken during the acceleration phase, the
average step length at maximum velocity will be longer than 2.2 m.

An elite marathon runner's velocity is approx. 5 m/s with a step frequency
of about 2.6 steps/sec (assumption), therefore step length will be about 1.9 m.

I don't wish to bring anthropometrics into this discussion. I am interested
in the general case of whether sprinting step length is greater than long
distance running step length.
Noel Lythgo

Australian Catholic University - Christ Campus
Melbourne, Australia

email: N.Lythgo@christ.acu.edu.au

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