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Jack Winters
05-01-1998, 07:05 AM
Dear Biomechanists:

The following positions may be of some interest. Here's the announcement:
Biomedical Engineering Faculty Positions
The Catholic University of America
Two tenure-track faculty positions at the level of Assistant Professor are
available in support of a new initiative within Biomedical Engineering at
CUA in home care technologies (funded by a Special Opportunity Award from
The Whitaker Foundation) and in telerehabilitation. Candidates are expected
to have at least one degree in biomedical engineering or bioengineering (and
an undergraduate engineering degree); to develop a productive program in
research, teaching, and service; and to work effectively within a team
environment. (The rank of Associate Professor may be available to an
exceptional candidate with more experience.)

One position targets an experimentalist with experience in research
involving human subjects, and expertise in one or more of the following
areas: rehabilitation engineering, biosystems evaluation/design, human
factors, and biosensors. Search committee chair: Dr. Mark Mirotznik

The other position targets expertise in biocomputational/information
sciences, a solid foundation in physiology, and experience in areas such as
health informatics, human-computer interfaces,
telemedicine/telerehabilitation, or intelligent systems (e.g., neuro-fuzzy
systems, genetic algorithms) as applied to health care. Search committee
chair: Dr. Jack Winters (winters@cua.edu).

Applicants should include a cover letter that identifies which of the two
searches they are applying for (and why), a detailed CV, a clear statement
of purpose, and a list of at least 4 references to:

Biomedical Engineering Search Committee, Pangborn G-32
The Catholic University of America
Cardinal Station
Washington, DC 20064

In preparing a statement of purpose, candidates are encouraged to learn more
about this initiative on 21st-century home care technologies (the fastest
growing segment of the medical device industry throughout the 1990s) by
visiting the web site at http://www.ee.cua.edu/programs/biomedical/hctc.htm,
or by contacting Dr. Winters (202-319-5181, -5843). Applications will be
reviewed starting May 16. It is anticipated that one position will start in
September 1998, the other January 1999. NOTE: THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY JUST

[The Catholic University of America is sponsored by the Roman Catholic
bishops of the United States as a national university. It is located on a
154-acre campus in the Nation's capital and is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.]

Note: For someone with biomechanics interests, we have excellent ties to the
Human Performance Lab at the National Rehab Hospital (1/2 mile away) and the
Biomechanics Lab at NIH in Bethesda (we're both on the Metro Red Line --
I've been spending about 2 days/wk at NIH during my sabbatical this spring).
Both have state-of-the-art Vicon systems, and collectively we have 5 force
platforms, several smaller 6-axis force transducers, several Flocks of
birds, several types of EMG systems, and various virtual-reality


Jack M. Winters, Ph.D.
Professor and Program Director
Biomedical Engineering
202-319-5843 (-4499 fax)

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