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Cheung Chi Kin
05-02-1998, 04:19 AM
Dear colleague,
I would like to introduce the research syposium 98 of The Chinese University
of Hong Kong which organised by Department of Sports Science and Physical
Education, CUHK. The theme of this syposium is teaching and coaching.
Professor Ian Haslam (Neyang Technological Univerisity, Singapore), Professor
Judith Rink (University of South Carolina, USA) and Professor Joan Vickers
(University of Calgary, Canada) are invited to become keynote speakers in this
Symposium. This symposium will be held on 9 May 1998 (Saturday) from 8:30 a.m.
to 5:30 p.m. at LT1, Sino Building and LT4 Wong FOo Yuan Building, The Chinese
University of Hong Kong.

Beside the three speakers introduced above, there are a lot of other
presenters. Most of them are famous sports science and physical education
researchers in Hong Kong and China.

Koenraad Lindner (HKU)
Sports and physical activity paricipation of Hong Kong school children and
youth - The 1996 survey.

David Johns, Amy S.C. Ha (CUHK)
Home and recess physical behaviors patterns of Hong Kong children

Duncan J. Macfarlane (HKU)
Hong Kong' inactive children: Can we blame P.E. Curriculum.

Lu-yuen Zhang (Beiging Univ. of P.E.)
Training science, Scientific training, and training scientifically.

Roy C.M. Chan, Stanley S.C. Hui (CUHK)
Throw - and - Catch Test: A preliminary exploration of the predictive
validlity for screening physical education majors.

Lobo H.T. Louie (HKBU)
A confirmatory factor analysis of selected badmintion skill tests.

Siu-yin Cheung (HKBU)
Application of stress management in secondary school

Yuk-kwong Liu (HKIEd)
Response of current physical education teachers in Hong Kong and China
(Inland) as to the academic curriculum preparation: A possible guide for
the 21st Century?

Wing-chung Lau, Roy C.M. Chan (CUHK)
The influence of parental attitude to physical activity during childhood on
their children's attitude towards physical activity.

Benli XU (Shanghai Institute of P.E.)
A new development of potentials of motor and intelligence in children.

Yuen-ming Tong, Youlain Hong (CUHK)
Analysis of games strategy employed in international badmintion competition
and its application in coaching university team.

Jun Pang (Macao Polytechnic Institute)
A study of EMG activities between isokinetic and isotonic strength

Jiaqi Chen (Tianjin Institute of P.E.)
Transformation of the specialized subjects in the curriculum for
postgraduate in exercise physiology.

Stephen H.S. Wong, Amy S.C. Ha (CUHK)
Survey on fluid and carbohydrate replacement during exercise - a pilot

Huafeng Li (Shanghai Changing Education Institute)
Practice and research of "Cooperative Learning" in middle school physcial

Aiyun Lu (Shanghai Institute of P.E.)
Analysis on isokinetic strength and movement techniques of female

Yongyan Ye (Suzhon Institute of P.E.)
A biomechanical study of take-off.

Ziheng Ning (Macao Polytechnic Institute)
A study of knee isokinetic strength in pre-adolescence.

__________________________________________________ ___________

If you are interest in this Symposium, please contact

General Office, Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, The
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.

Tel: (852) 2609 - 6096
Fax: (852) 2603 - 5781

Declaration: This message was post by me(Cheung Chi Kin), I am a
undergraduate student of Department of Sports Science and Physical Education,
CUHK. Therefore, it was not an offical advertisment of the organizer of this
symposium. Therefore, I will responsible for any problem related this message.

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