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05-02-1998, 01:26 PM
The following is a summary of the references which were so kindly sent to me
by members of the forum:

Perry J, CS Easterday & DJ Antonelli (1981) Surface versus intramuscular
electrodes for electromyography of superficial and deep muscles. Physical
Therapy 61(1):7-15.

Koh TJ & MD Grabiner (1992) Cross talk in surface electromyograms of human
hamstring muscles. J Orthop Res 10:701-709.

Koh TJ & MD Grabiner (1993) Evaluation of methods to minimize cross talk
in surface electromyography. J Biomech 26(Suppl 1):151-157.

Mangun GR, RM Mulkey BL Young & GE Goslow (1986) "Cross-talk" in
electromyograms: contamination of EMGs recorded with bipolar fine-wire
electrodes by volume conducted myoelectric activity from distant sources.
EMG Clin Neurophysiol 26(5-6):443-461.

Merletti R & CJ De Luca (1987) Cross-talk between myoelectric signals of
adjacent muscles. In: Rehabilitation R&D Progress reports 1987. The
Veterans Administration, Baltimore (Maryland), pp 300-301.

Morrenhof JW & HJ Abbink (1985) Cross-correlation and cross-talk in
surface electromyography. EMG Clin Neurophysiol 25(1):73-79.

Murthy KR et al (1989) EMG signals in neighbouring muscles: cross-talk or
co-activation? In: Rehabilitation R & D Progress Reports 1989. Department
of Veterans Affairs, pp 299-300.

Solomonow M, R Baratta M Bernardi B Zhou Y Lu M Zhu & S Acierno (1994)
Surface and wire EMG crosstalk in neighbouring muscles. J EMG Kinesiol

Winter DA, AJ Fuglevand & SE Archer (1994) Crosstalk in surface
electromyography: theoretical and practical estimates. J EMG Kinesiol

Koh, T.J. and Grabiner, M.D. (1993) Evaluation of methods to minimize cross
talk in surface electromyography. Journal of Biomechanics, 26: 151-157.

Etnyre, B.E. and L.D. Abraham. Antagonist muscle activity during
stretching: a paradox re-assessed. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. Vol. 20, No. 3,
pp 285-289, 1988.

De Luca, CJ, Merletti, R (1988). Surface
myoelectric signal cross-talk among muscles of the leg.
Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 69, 568-75.

Carlo J. De Luca's s-emg work
done at Boston University:

Sydney Schachne

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