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Doug Mcclymont
05-03-1998, 09:21 AM
Dear All,

Yesterday I assured a coach in a remote area of the west coast of
the south island that I would find him some information on the
biomechanics of wood chopping - a relatively popular competitive
activity in NZ and Australia. Having this morning spent several hours
on SportDiscus, MasterFile 1000 and Biomch-l archives I've come to
the realisation that maybe my search is not going to be as easy as I
had hoped. So far I've come up with 3 general interest stories in
popular magazines and only one thats vaguely in the same arena!

Are there any wood choppers out there who can direct me toward some
pertinent information?


Doug McClymont
(senior lecturer in Physical Education)
Christchurch College of Education
P.O.Box 31-065
New Zealand
ph 0064+3+348-2059
fax 0064+3+343-7740

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