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Morten Bro-nielsen
05-08-1998, 01:01 PM
COMMERCIAL interest ON (Non-commercial comments below :-)

You might want to consider my Mvox software. It will do rigid
registration based on markers (put markers on the most stable
teeth etc), and you can use to view the CTs and create computer
graphics models from them.

It has previously been used for creating computer graphics models
of teeth and jaws.

In addition it has been used to generate surface models of femurs
for use in generating FEM meshes for the femur (mesh generated
afterwards in COSMOS).

Take a look at


I believe any metal artifacts (at least teeth fillings) will generate
star-like spikes around the artifact. One way to get rid
off it is to filter the image afterwards. It doesn't remove the spikes
completely, though.

This reference is about handling the problem:

For registration, you will probably want to use either manual
using markers (as in Mvox) or surface based registration (several
approaches - rough ICM registration available in Mvox).

For more information on registration take a look at my PhD thesis:


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